Sponsor a Children's EPA Community Forum

Children's EPA is accepting invitations to sponsor a Children's EPA Community Forum from September 2011 through December 2013.

•    may request a topic, or choose from a list of child environmental and chemical protection topics,
•    may provide guest expert(s) for approval,  or select from available Children’s EPA Community Forums experts and guest speakers, and
•    provide suitable facility, local publicity, and speaker's fees (if required) and or agreed upon expenses. 
More information is available upon request.  

Please email request to sponsor a Children's EPA Community Forum to Nancy Swan at cepaorg(at)gmail(dot)com.

"Safe" signifies that it is safe for a mature, healthy, adult male worker.  There is no designation for child safety.  No politician, government agencies, organization, nor individual has published data to determine a product, chemical, nor disaster site as safe for children and families that include children.

Children's EPA Community Forums provides programs that inform, alert, and encourage groups of individuals, community leaders, school decision makers, organizations members, and businesses.  Children's EPA programs acknowledge that
  • A child's exposure to poor environmental conditions and everyday chemicals can be more harmful to their bodies than to an adult.
    • acknowledging that children need extra protection from environmental and chemical hazards from conception until their late teens, when their bodies and organs have stopped growing. 
    • Like medication dosages, Children are harmed by exposure to hazardous environments and chemicals at levels less than that causing Adult harm. 
    • Unlike an adult, a child's organs, tissue, hormonal system, and brain is still developing, increasing the amount of damage from a small or short exposure to environmental and chemical hazards.
  • The number of hazardous and potentially hazardous chemicals one the market has grown exponentially. 
    • One-half US schools are deemed environmentally unsafe for children (EPA).  Child exposure and injuries from these hazards affects their ability to learn as well as their health and potential for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
    • Because a product is on the market is not a determination that the product or chemicals in the product are safe for children or to use around children. 
    • Marketing terms for products and chemicals such as "safe," "gentle," "green," "pure," and "organic," do not signify the product as safe for children.
  • Parents and community decision makers responsible for protecting children from environmental and chemical hazards lack information to be well informed and often are often misled.  Children's EPA Community Forum can provide information to help these groups: 
    • the media,
    • community leaders,
    • politicians ,
    • childcare workers,
    • daycare-givers,
    • private and public preschool,
    • youth recreation leaders,
    • worship centers and religious youth groups, and
    • private and public school boards, officials and educators, custodians, and personnel.

Sponsoring a Children's EPA Community Forum for your organization, group, school, or business , can make the difference between promoting healthy children or sentencing children to a life time of illness, or death.  Children harmed by environmental or chemical injuries place the burden of health costs on employers and employees through rising insurance premiums, taxpayers, and the Medicare Disability system.