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Member's names and information and Children's EPA membership list is confidential and not used for any other purpose than for use by Children's EPA.
Please email request for membership to Nancy Swan at cepaorg(at)gmail(dot)com and include:
•    Name, or name of organization,
•    Title preference (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Dir., affiliation, etc.,),
•    Type of membership* (organization, professional, group, education, or individual),
•    Location (city, state, or country) or Address,
•    Contact information (email, telephone and or cell phone number(s),
•    (Optional)Additional information or expertise would be helpful, and
•    (Optional) If you would like to be considered for addition to Children's EPA guest speaker list, please include topic(s) of expertise.
      (Optional) Name of member who recommended membership.   

Member's Benefits:
The mission of Children's EPA Community Forums is to act as liaison between child health and environmental experts and professionals and the community, including media executives, politicians, community leaders (business, religious, club, groups, organizations) teachers, daycare providers, childcare givers, parents and concerned individuals. Children's EPA is applying for nonprofit status and is not accepting donations

Benefits of membership in Children's EPA.
•    Membership is free. Membership lists are not shared, nor published, unless the member or organization emails request to publish to 
•    Children’s EPA Newsletter subscription will be available in September for members and supporting organizations can subscribe free to Children’s EPA newsletter.  Each publication will include news, information, research,  events, commentary, action alerts, a Q&A, and helpful and inspiring posts by members.
•    Logos or names of supporting groups and businesses will be added upon to request to the newsletters and home page of   Please email permission (identified with membership information) to publish downloadable logo or group name:  organizations, community and religious groups, and businesses.
•    Children’s EPA positive action page will be available for member groups and business and can include logo and a description and contact information in 200 characters or less. June 2012,
•    Children's EPA will present an annual award for an individual or group (organizations, schools, communities and businesses who took positive action to protect children from harm.  Members can participate in nomination and selection.
•    Service and Chapter representative positions, by state and country (if outside U.S.)  will be available in 2012. 
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* Types of membership:
Children's EPA and Community Forums is accepting free membership for
  • Organization: health, environment, nonprofit,
  • Professional: medical, research, environmental
  • Group: civic, religious groups, PTA, PTO, 
  • Education: schools, school officials and educators, 
  • Individual 

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