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What can happen if your child is injured by chemicals at school?

posted Mar 22, 2011, 5:08 PM by Nancy Swan   [ updated Mar 30, 2011, 9:45 AM ]
There are no government regulations nor oversight to enforce seemingly good regulations to protect schoolchildren from decisions or indecision of school administrators that may cause your child to be exposed or injured by poor environmental conditions: harmful pesticides, mold, poor air conditions, fumes from paints and solvents, cleaning products, and hazards from land, radon, toxic landfills, fumes and particulates from nearby factories.  There is no agency to ask to investigate and no one to give you honest and reliable information, which may be needed immediately to medically treat your child.  Who pays for medical bills if your child is harmed at school, bills that have bankrupted many families? 

Unfortunately, your only option for answers about the chemicals or hazardous product, or accountability is to file a lawsuit.  Then, you may end up in a lifetime of litigation like I did.  Many of our lawmakers and government officials are lawyers.  Rather than prevent child injuries, manufacturers in league with the legal and judicial industry profit if chemical and environmental injuries are litigated. Prevention usually is at a steep cost to corporations.  Read my story Toxic Justice, which is soon to be published, and ask if you want to promote prevention rather than litigation as an answer for the question above.  http://www.toxicjustice.com 

This is not what I wanted for my children, my husband, and for me.  I wanted remain a teacher, a dream I had as I worked my way through college, knowing I would have to pay be school loans.  I wanted to be a teacher to make the world better for future generations.  For the latest news and part of the ongoing ending of Toxic Justice, read the latest blog posting on http://www.toxicjustice.com/about-nancy-swan