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TV News Report- Spray on Foam insulation that went horribly wrong

posted Jul 19, 2011, 11:07 PM by Nancy Swan
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This UTube TV news report shares the dangers of this product advertised and recommended by respected building organizations as "green" and a "green solution."   My story, Toxic Justice, is not just about the danger of this product and similar brands, but of the dangers of litigating for change.  It has been almost thirty years since my injury and the US government has done nothing to stop the atrocity.  

The following edited email was sent to me with the request that it be forwarded.  Spray on Foam Roofing and Coating chemicals are deadly and are being advertised by manufacturers and applicators as well as respected building organizations as a "green" product.   They may save energy cost, but is it worth it to save oil to pay for it with our lives and health?

Not mentioned is that this product is flammable unless re-coated periodically with a flame resistant coating.   Home sellers are not required to tell buyers that it is necessary and expensive to re-coat.  It is also chemically dangerous for the inhabitants of the house and nearby homes and businesses.    


Local TV News Report regarding a DEMILEC spray foam insulation job that went horribly wrong:


We researched this product for over one year and never saw anything negative about it. So we (and others that this has happened to) were totally unprepared for what occurred. We have been in contact with MANY all over the country that have suffered through a similar catastrophic failure of a spray foam insulation installation. What we have learned is:
  • The manufacturer WILL DENY that there could EVER be a problem with their product. 
  • The installer's liability insurance company WILL DENY coverage based on a "Pollution Exclusion" clause. 
  • That leaves it up to the installer who VERY WELL MAY OFFER NO HELP WHATSOEVER. 

It costs THOUSANDS to install and TENS OF THOUSANDS to remove, and THAT IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EVER BE ABLE TO REOCCUPY YOUR HOME AGAIN! The chemicals are SENSITIZING AGENTS that can cause severe breathing problems and even chemical sensitivity. We know of individuals who tried to remove the foam and were sicker than they were before and had to walk away from their home.

There is a strong push today to save energy and many people are considering installing this same type of spray foam insulation in their attic (there are other manufacturers of a similar product as well.) Those individuals could be your FRIENDS OR RELATIVES. 

Also, think about buildings where groups of people regularly meet (say for example groups of 75-180 people.) We know of a local meeting place that had chemical and odor issues (not as bad as ours) and some attendees had the same health problems that we did. WHAT IF ONE OF THESE BUILDINGS SUFFERED A CATASTROPHIC FAILURE AND WAS RENDERED USELESS?

Also, think of buildings where larger groups meet (say up to 2,000 at a time.) WHAT IF ONE OF THESE BUILDINGS SUFFERED A CATASTROPHIC FAILURE AND WAS RENDERED USELESS?